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Pre-Otakon Photoshoot!

faded_lace, chiachiaamichan, and I have our cosplays ready early for once, so yesterday we got together with redkittychan to do a photoshoot! There's a park with tennis courts right around the corner from my house, so we went there first, and then we did some more in my backyard and in my house. It was a lot of fun, and redkittychan is an awesome photographer! faded_lace edited them and posted them last night :D

Our Prince of Tennis shoot: ♫ ~HAND IN HAND~ ♫
Fuji Syuusuke: chiachiaamichan
Fuji Yuuta: yomimashou
Mizuki Hajime: faded_lace

The mini-shoot for Miranda and Ami's Yuugiou cosplay: I am a human and not a machine.
Kaiba Noa: chiachiaamichan
Kaiba Mokuba: faded_lace
Tags: cosplay, otakon
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