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Home again~

I'm back from the beach! I actually got back yesterday, having decided to go home a day early with my mom instead of staying till saturday with other relatives.

I had a really good time at the beach. The first few days, I spent lots of time in the ocean with G-chan, but then, as usually happens, she started to get tired of the beach, and I found other things to do. Reading on the beach, or walking on the boardwalk, or playing Scrabble or Upwords or Set.

I discovered a really cool store called Japanesque. They have a whole section of Sanrio stuff, so I bought myself a Hello Kitty pen and a Chococat binder.

I also bought something for Mia-chan at the 5 & 10 (because I saw it and it just screamed at me to buy it for her) and some candy from the Fudge Factory to share at Ami's party.

And, of course, I ate my favorite ice cream flavor, which I can only get once a year, when I'm at the beach--Malt Ball Fudge.

Then, on my last night there, I sat on the beach with two cousins and watched the moon rise. At, like, 1 in the morning. And then got asked to leave by a cop because apparently the beach closes at 1... We also saw a few shooting stars, which was cool.

And that was my trip to the beach. Ta-ta!
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