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More rajipuri, and other stuff

Letters from Germany
Tachibana: That was a great movie. Especially that method of unsheathing the sword. Perhaps it can be applied to tennis.

Tez and Yuushi have a staring contest

Piyo is still out to gekokujyou his sempais

Oishi is a cheerleader. And still a spaz.

Kusuda Toshiyuki interviewing Shishido...aka himself...
Part 1
Part 2
The highlight of this being Shishido's impersonations. XD;;

Choutarou's voice message for Oshitari's Valentine Kiss
And Shishido's

Atobe voice message
Sakaki: Utatte yoshi.

...I don't think these were as funny as the last set, sorry. XD;; I love the letters from Germany, though. Tez's seiyuu is so full of random.
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