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20 January 2009 @ 06:32 pm
Apparently you should never let me near your computer  
Because I can't go three months without having major issues...

I took my computer in to my trusty Apple specialist store downtown to find out if they thought I should get it cleaned, given that I only spilled water on it. The guy I talked to said I definitely should, so I decided better safe than sorry and went for the spill cleaning. Which is fucking expensive. With fucking sales tax to boot.

So now I have to be without my computer for a week again. And then, once they've cleaned it, they'll let me know if any parts were damaged...which will then cost me on top of the cleaning fee. So I'm crossing my fingers that everything will be ok...

Plus, now that I went and was a dumbass and spilled stuff on my computer, my warranty and AppleCare are invalidated. And I wouldn't be able to buy new AppleCare if I wanted to. Because apparently Apple doesn't insure water-damaged computers. (Technically it's getting the spill cleaning that invalidates it, because that's what lets Apple know what a dumbass I am, but I assume that even if I weren't doing that, if I were to need a repair in the future they'd probably notice the water damage.)



This was supposed to be a good day, too. And there were some good parts.

Last night at midnight I watched Jack Markell and Matt Denn getting sworn in as governor and liutenant governor online. :DD (It had to be at midnight because inauguration day for Delaware, the third Tuesday of January, coincided with the presidential inauguration day, January 20.)

Then this morning my physics teacher let us out early to watch the inauguration. :D President Obama and Vice President Biden. President Obama and Vice President Biden. It sounds so awesome. XD;;
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