S (yomimashou) wrote,

I've been seeing a lot of movies this week.

This vacation has been somewhat more enjoyable than anticipated, so far.

My cousins got Rock Band for Christmas, so Hilde and I spent most of yesterday afternoon playing that with them. I'm definitely best at bass, but I can manage to not fail on guitar and singing most of the time, too... Then last night we watched The Dark Knight. I'd say it didn't really live up to everything people have been saying to me, but I think it's just not really my kind of movie. There were some good parts that had me on the edge of my seat, and Heath Ledger was certainly excellent, but during the long action sequences I was just kind of bored. XD;;

Then today we drove to my grandparents' house, and we went to see Doubt. (At a movie theater where it only costs $6 for a ticket! Crazy.) I thought it was really interesting. It had a disturbing number of parallels to a real situation in our lives... But it was definitely a good movie, with good acting and a very unresolved ending.

And it continued the pattern of everything I watch with my parents these days being about pedophiles. What the heck XD

In other news, xkcd today is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing as hell. (Actually, mostly the rollover text.) Also, this is really adorable: Minekura's Christmas fic I haven't even read Stigma yet, but...it's still adorable. I think the Kubota and Tokitoh part was my favorite.
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