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S-chan's first-ever con report!

Otakon, as I said, was amazing awesomeness. We took lots of pictures and bought lots of stuff and saw lots of interesting people. However, my computer is being stupid at the moment, so I seem to be unable to post the pictures. T^T However, Kit made some really nice posts with all our pictures! Just go here for the con report, here for our Saiyuki photo shoot, and here for our Hagaren photo shoot, in which I die. xD

We cosplayed the Sanzo-ikkou on Saturday: Ami was Sanzo, G-chan was Goku, Kit was Hakkai, and I was Gojyo. Almost immediately after we arrived, people started asking for our picture! We were very flattered, and soon found that we were the only complete ikkou there!

We didn't have anything to watch that morning, so we went to the dealers' room. After that it was time for Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, which was pretty amusing, if crack-ish. Gojyo got chased by a bunch of bears. XD;

Then we did some people-watching from the third-floor balcony--we saw more Eds and military people than I'd have thought possible!

Later we went to the art gallery--there was a really nice nostalgic picture of Ed and Al, and two amazing xxxHolic pictures. Also a few RoyEd ones :D

We watched one episode of Yami no Matsuei and then went off in search of the room for the FMA movie. When we finally found it, though, the line was way too long, so we watched Law of Ueki instead, which had amusingly bad subs. "The power to turn his hair into a telescoping bat!!"

After that we went back to the inn hotel and did our Saiyuki photo shoot, which was lots of fun :D

On Sunday, Ami dressed as Barry the Chopper, Kit dressed as Winry, and G-chan was paper bag!Al. I didn't have a costume, cuz I'm lame... XP

After doing lots of picture-taking and some more shopping, we watched xxxHolic, which was also badly subbed. They even stole the theme songs for two episodes from the fansubbers! XDD

Then it was over. T^T Back at Kit's house, we did the Hagaren photo shoot.

I'm sad it's all over...but at least I have all the stuff I bought to remember it by! XD I got... A 58 porn doujinshi which I didn't get IDed for, an Al hat, a Kyou necklace cell phone charm, dammit! some free posters and an awesome free yaoi manga sampler, and some Cardcaptor Sakura stickers.

Now look at the piccies. :D My favorites are the ones of Hughes showing pictures of Elycia~
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