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Yakitate!! Japan anime

Such hilarious crack.

For example, Panda-chan:


I definitely recommend Yakitate!! Japan, although certainly for its hilarity more than its quality. It struck me as similar to sports animes like Prince of Tennis (believe in yourself, do your best, etc...but really you'll only succeed if you're a child prodigy), but the fact that it's about baking instead of sports just made it so much more gay.

They'd already watched it once last year in anime club, so we started somewhere in the second story arc, the Newcomers Battle. Basically, all the new employees of the Pantasia bakery chain were competing in a bread making competition. If I tried to describe anything that actually happened, I would not be able to do it justice, so instead, some of my favorite characters:


Azuma Kazuma, the main character. He possesses the Solar Hands, which means that his hands are unnaturally warm and thus perfect for making bread. XD;;


Kawachi Kyousuke, Azuma's coworker and rival. And gay lover. I personally think he's adorable~




Kuroyanagi Ryo, the judge of the competition. His reactions to the various breads were the source of a large portion of the crack. I couldn't find a screenshot of him with secret service-type guys holding his pants up, though...

And he is totally gay for this guy:


The Meister/the Chairman. XD;; I ♥ him. (He and Kuroyan aren't really a serious pairing from what I saw, but Kuroyan kept "accidentally" trying to kiss him.)

Kanmuri Shigeru

Finally, Kanmuri Shigeru. By the time he showed up, I was kind of distracted by people baking cookies and singing Dr. Horrible, but he's just so cute.

As my final thing to add, this is the RickRoll's new rival the second ending theme:

...I think it speaks for itself.
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