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Crazed Phillies fans and a Bryn Mawr Halloween

My plan for this weekend had been to go to Bryn Mawr on Friday to visit Miranda, Arielle, and Cara and go to the Halloween parties there. Things didn't quite work out as planned, but I ended up having a good time anyway~

Friday I took the Amtrak to Philly, planning to get on the R5 to Bryn Mawr around 3:45. However, the Phillies just won the World Series, and I didn't realize that the parade was on Friday morning. So when I got to the regional rail area of the station, it was MOBBED. By Phillies fans. So much red and white. O_o Apparently the trains were all filling up at Suburban Station, so the R5 just kept passing through 30th Street without letting anyone on. I stood in the train station for three hours, packed into a huge crowd of people. (Luckily, none of the ones near me seemed too drunk after the parade.) But finally, a completely empty R5 pulled up and we could all get on. By the time I got to Bryn Mawr I was pretty much falling over. XD;; I think maybe I was dehydrated or something.

But then I found out that the Halloween parties were not actually Friday night. XD;;; I wasn't planning on doing anything at home Saturday night, though, so I decided to just stay with Miranda another night. The party was fun! I wore my yukata and told people I was dressed as a geisha. And I haven't managed to actually go to a dance party yet at Columbia, so...yeah. XD

And Bryn Mawr is really pretty in the fall~
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