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My computer ;_;

My poor computer has to be sent away to Apple for a week to get its RAM replaced. TT_TT I hope they take good care of it!

It crashed this afternoon again, although somewhat differently than last time. It gave me a message saying that I had to restart it, so I did...but it didn't start properly, it just froze on me. And when I tried again, it started beeping at me O_o I brought it to the computer lab, but nothing we tried there worked, so they told me to take it downtown somewhere to be fixed. So I brought it to Tekserve, which is a really great, well-organized store if you're ever in New York and need help with anything Apple. (It's also where I bought my external hard drive, which I'm now extremely glad I have.) They told me they think it's my RAM that caused the problem, but since it's still under warranty since it's new, they're sending it to Apple so I can get it replaced for free. My data shouldn't be affected by that, but they're going to check to make sure there aren't any problems with the hard drive either, so I had to sign and say it was ok if my data got erased. Hence being so glad for my Time Machine backup!

And now begins a week without my computer...
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