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Happy new year! !שנה תבה

Today begins the Jewish year of 5769. My goal for this year, I think, is balance. Work and fun, stress and relaxation, new and old, friends and family... It's all such a delicate balance. ^^;

Last night I went to a crazy huge Rosh Hashanah dinner. Friends of my family, Michal and Tom, were up on Long Island to spend the holiday with Michal's sister and her family, so Michal invited me to come have dinner with them. I rode the train there with a girl who's a junior at Barnard who's known Michal and her family for a long time, who I met once at Michal's house...

And there was SO MUCH FOOD. XD;; The main dishes were fish and lamb, neither of which I like, and yet I still was stuffed afterwards. Michal's family is from Morocco, via Israel, so they had tons of different kinds of salads and couscous and vegetables, and her sister's husband's family is Egyptian, so someone brought these amazing homemade Egyptian noodles... And someone brought homemade stuffed grape leaves that were stuffed not just with rice, but also with meat...

I did miss my mom's honeycake, though. The one they had was really moist and cakey, which was delicious, but...just not the same. XD;

And now I should probably head off to tashlich! I hope the next year is healthy and sweet for everyone!
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