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I'm not sure whether to be amused or offended

So I'll go with amused...

This afternoon I got an email from my RA which included the following:

"The Office of Multicultural Affairs is coming to our lounge this TUESDAY at 8 PM to hold a Diversity Talk. This is a mandatory event, so everyone must attend unless you notify me previously about something like a class conflict. These Diversity Talks are held every year to discuss issues of diversity and acceptance at Barnard, so it really is important that you attend."

So after my initial reaction ("That's during my physics lab"), my next reaction was, "Wait...that's still Rosh Hashanah for people who celebrate two days, aka most Jewish people..."

The diversity talk is on Rosh Hashanah. XD;;;;;

Then just now I got a second email from her:

"A few residents have emailed me about the fact that they can't make it to the meeting because it's Rosh Hashannah. The tragic irony of holding diversity talks on the night of a major religious holiday is pretty apparent to everyone except the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Go figure. If anyone else has a religious conflict, I completely understand and I'll make a point of letting OMA know about that."

I'm sure it was just an oversight on their part, which is why I'm just going with amused and not angry/offended, but...just wow.
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