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28 September 2008 @ 03:45 pm
The New York Anime Festival has come and gone. It was nowhere near the epic proportions of Otakon, but it was fun nonetheless! And it was great seeing faded_lace and storm_of_62, even if we did have to rush around a lot.

A summary of the weekend:

Most overused phrase: That's redick.

Most omnipresent cosplay: Light and L.

Most overused threat: Sodomy by umbrella.

Most excellent item I purchased: A tie between the FMA print of my two OTPs (Roy, Ed, Scar, and Al) and the super-special-awesome birthday present I got for Hilde!

Also, we actually did stuff at the con! XD;;;

-Saw a movie called Ping Pong about two high school boys who love to play ping pong. It was cute and ghey~
-Went to a voice actor panel that had a disturbing number of people from Pokemon, and also the woman who did Amy Rose in the more recent Sonic games and Serenity in Yu-Gi-Oh. Oh, and lots of people from Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds. XD;;;;
-Saw the first two and a half episodes of Code Geass. Were confused. (I'd kind of like to see more of it, though...)
-Went to a Q&A panel with Tanaka Rie!

And our Araiso cosplay was rather epic, even if no one recognized us. We had a pretty awesome photo shoot last night, and our pictures will be posted by Miranda as soon as possible! (There might be a bit of a wait, though, because of homework and whatnot.)

And now, I should do my homework >.>
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