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Otakon was amazing, as usual~ Our cosplays were so much more epic than usual, though! We had a lot of random stuff happen to us while we were the Host Club, like being killed by Light Yagami, and being asked to beat someone up, and helping form a conga line... And while we were Saiyuki, we were fangirled by Jaida Jones in Artist Alley! Sadly, she wasn't selling any Shoebox memorabilia...

We also went to a Phoenix Wright mock trial, and a panel on Bad Anime. XD;;

Links to all our pictures will be coming later, but for now, I need to squee about all the stuff I bought!

~Pretty Hitachiincest and 58 posters
~Cute and fuzzy case for my camera
~Kirby and Totoro plushies
~Marauders doujinshi in which I have no clue what the hell is going on
~Amusing Kyouya/Tamaki doujinshi
~Chiyo-chan's dad pencil case
~Many buttons
~Gifts for various people!

Also, I seem to have ended up with a box of cinnamon crunch Total in the trunk of my car...so if anyone wants that back, let me know. XD;
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