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There's too much space and never enough time...

It seems like I've inadvertently started measuring time in reference to Otakon. XD;;

And so, I have two to-do lists...

To Do Before Otakon
-ALL COSPLAY STUFF (That has a whole list of its own...)
-Try to watch Ouran XD;
-Make sure I have everything I'll need for my dorm
-Finish reading Hoshi no Yakata
-Use that American Eagle coupon I have
-Figure out when's the best time to have an Azumanga Daioh party
-Watch and cap disc 6 of Tutu
-Learn to drive stick shift? This became unnecessary...

To Do After Otakon
-Clean my desk and go through those piles in the study
-Get my hair cut
-Pack for the beach
-Pack for college O_o
-Watch and cap disc 5 of Tutu
-Change my screen name. Seriously, I've been meaning to do that all summer.
-Read all those books I've been wanting to read...
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