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The tooth ninja

Today I babysat for a new family who might be employing me pretty regularly this summer, which would solve my job finding problem somewhat. :D They might even take me with them to the beach for a few days, I don't know yet. They have two girls who are older, so they're fairly easy to deal with, and then a boy, Ely, who's five. (I don't think the oldest girl really needs a babysitter, but I guess she's not old enough to watch her brother.) And Ely...doesn't like to listen. >.< But he said one thing today that I thought was really cute. He was brushing his teeth, and we were talking about losing teeth.

Ely: How does the tooth fairy get the money under your pillow without waking you up?
Me: She's really, really quiet.
Ely: ...like a ninja?

So yes, the tooth fairy is now a ninja. XD
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