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Today I made hamantashen! (Go here if you don't know what those are. XD;) I know Purim was yesterday, and I made the dough on Thursday, but I didn't get around to baking them until today. Some are poppyseed and some are cherry, my absolute favorite hamantashen filling.

Aren't they pretty? :D;


But, uh, you may notice that one hamantashen is totally buttraping another in the above photo...

hamantashen SBR

I have NO idea how that happened. XD I just took the cookie sheet out of the oven and they were like that.

At least it wasn't a cherry one, I guess. XD;;

Also, Hilde and her friend made a cake yesterday:


...that's what she said! *shot*

But seriously, if anyone's around and wants to come over for some hamantashen, give me a call. I've got lots~
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