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...new year's meme...?

Even though it's already January 10, I'm doing a new year's-type meme. i_llbthere4u just did it too, and I like this reminisce-y sort of thing. So stfu. XD;

The first thoughts on my journal from each month of 2007.

January: NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!! *dances*

February: Guess what guys! This afternoon I called Comcast and ordered standard cable!

March: There's a computer in the hotel lobby here for anyone to use! So I have nets X3 (From when I was in California)

April: Only two things are bumming me out right now: That Passover is taking up the majority of my spring break, and that my grandmother didn't order any chocolatehagel!

May: We finally got an ice cream place really close to our house, so G-chan and I decided to go check it out. (Oh man, that was an interesting adventure...)

June: I've seen this happen too many times: Mugenjou, a capella club, and now...Harokdim.

July: I'm reading the chapter in my philosophy book about arguments for and against the existence of God, and right now it's talking about how all the bad things in the world make it odd to conclude that there is a God who knows all, can do anything, and is infinitely caring. (At nerd camp XD;)

August: I finished Harry Potter.

September: Hm... storm_of_62's talk of pumpkins and apple cider got me thinking about how I always have a bit of a contradiction in my thoughts at this time of year.

October: So I've decided lj might be a better way to tell people stuff since apparently some people don't check their email.

November: Halloween was so much fun! I went trick-or-treating with Kit, Ami, Arielle, Kyle, and Chris. We're enjoying our childhood while it lasts XD

December: "Je deteste ce que vous ecrivez, mais je donnerais ma vie pour que vous puissiez continuer a ecrire." --Voltaire
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