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Winter break~

It's winter break! Yay~~

To Do During Break (not in order of priority, or any other particular order):
-finish my college apps
-finish my app for poignation, and make my account
-read L'etranger for French
-read To Live for Lit
-translate the rp into French (XD; not really...)
-beta the latest chapters of the rp that I've been slacking off on
-get my hair cut
-plan a new year's party
-my senior research project
-make some decisions about this spring (gahhhh)
-clean my fishtank
-get Ami a birthday present
-read Tsubasa and Hoshi no Yakata
-watch Ouran (if it's still there)
-look at the new music for a cappella club
-clean my room (not done as well as I'd like, but well enough for now)
-find images for Miranda (well, I found one picture of Al XD;)

So much for relaxing... XD;; I think I'll probably be able to fit some sleep in there, too.

I hope everyone has a good holiday! Have a very merry Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not. ^_^ I love Christmas as much as the next Jewish person! XD;; Seriously, I am kind of fond of the season, even after Hanukkah's over and done with.

Edit: I thought of some stuff I forgot to put on my list. XP
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