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The a cappella club performance was a success! :D I'm really happy about that. I was really nervous because I've never had a performance of anything fully led and organized by me...kind of nerve-wracking ^^; But I think it went well in the end. We didn't have a very long or difficult program, but we knew our limits and practiced hard to get 7 holiday songs up to performance quality, and I'm quite proud of my little club. And hopefully the old people at Cokesbury had their days brightened by a little music. ^_^ We performed twice, for two different wings, which was nice.

In other news... The other night I had a really strange and amusing dream. I won't ramble on about the whole thing, but probably the most amusing part was when I was at a Justin Timberlake concert (yeah...XD;;;) with Miranda and her mom. And for the first song, the backup dancers came out in pointe shoes. We were rather surprised, but I was like, "It's Justin Timberlake, what do you expect?"
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