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My Thanksgiving trip to New York was an awesome culinary extravaganza, as it should be. As Thanksgiving should be and as trips to New York should be, really. XD

When we arrived at my cousins' house (they live north of NYC), we had excellent butternut squash soup my uncle made for lunch. I don't even like butternut squash, but this soup was just tasty, creamy goodness. I had more of it for breakfast today XD After that, my dad took us on the traditional Thanksgiving walk down the hill (my cousins live on a street even worse than Ami's XP) to Starbucks for overly sweet holiday coffee drinks. :D And then of course there was Thanksgiving dinner, superb as always. Although this year, my favorite dish, the stuffing, ran out before I could get seconds. (I don't think my uncle thought about the fact that we had three more people than usual.) But it's all good, I thoroughly enjoyed my first helping, and all the other food we had! One kind of interesting thing was that instead of people saying what they're thankful for like we usually do, we got onto the topic of what our favorite things are. I said a lot of different stuff, but one big one was a really amusing conversation. ♥ All my friends, that means I'm thankful for you! ♥

Then today I went into the city with my family plus my cousin Lizzy. On the way from the subway station to dropping Hilde off with her camp friends, we went to a comic store we found last year with a huge manga section upstairs, and we got a box of marble pocky. It was chocolate and something green, and we were curious--it turned out to be green tea! (Not my favorite, but still cool.) Then some friends of my parents took us to a really good Moroccan restaurant for lunch. After that we went to a museum of Tibetan and Himalayan art, which was really interesting but got boring kind of quickly. XD; And then we got coffee and brioche at a French cafe while my mom and Lizzy left to go back to my cousins' house.

My dad and I walked up to Penn station where we had to get our train home, and we were still undecided as to where to have dinner. On the way, though, we passed a place we just couldn't pass up. It was called brgr. XD;; So I had a seriously good "brgr" and some really tasty sweet potato fries. And racy juice! XD It was the perfect meal to top off my two-day culinary adventure XD
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