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Girlyman concert ♥

I went to a Girlyman concert last night.

They were AMAZING. The whole thing was just unreal. We had good seats, so we were really close to the stage. (It was at the Tin Angel in Philly, which is a pretty small place, but it's shaped really long and skinny, so there aren't actually that many good seats relative to the size.) Doris looked really cute with her hair in two braids. X3 And Ty was pretty sexy playing the drum. And OH MY GOD I love Nate. He's just so awesomely GAY. :D:D And also much better-looking in person than in pictures. AND he has a purple fuzzy guitar strap, which I can say firsthand is very soft. XD

Enough of that...I should talk about the music. The CDs really don't do them justice. Like "Viola," a song I don't usually find all that great...the harmonies were unbelievable. A lot of my specific thoughts about the songs are starting to fade now though :/ I do remember the pretty vividly the last song they played--"Postcards from Mexico." I love that song. And Nate was being pretty awesome. XD "Reva Thereafter" was especially good too. They also played some new songs that aren't on any of the albums, which was fun. It was also cool how they all played a bunch of different instruments, and how they shared them with each other. And retuned them onstage. Basically, they're super-talented.

As an added bonus, they were also funny! At one point, Ty made a reference to bowling--something about how long the room was. And Nate started talking about how he never wanted to stick his fingers in the bowling ball holes, since his fingers are really rather important, for...guitar playing... And then he pretty much painted himself into a corner of talking about fingers in holes and what bowling pins look like... XD; They also made an amusing joke about how they saw a bald eagle in Alaska, and it was just so patriotic they thought it would drop a bomb on them. XD;;

And afterwards, we got CDs signed by them~ But Hilde and I basically made fools of ourselves in our lack of anything to say to them. Oh well.

If anyone is a fan of accoustic-type music and/or harmony, I recommend you check out Girlyman and see what you think. ^^
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