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15 October 2007 @ 10:18 pm
Expensive Swiss cheese is really, really good. C: I had extra from making quiche. Mmm, gruyere...or however you spell that...

Yeah, I made quiche yesterday for the first time, and I think it went pretty well! They're for the French club charity auction at school (except one which I made to keep). The really good cheese and the fact that I decided to make the crust from scratch at the last minute both really improved it, I think. I hope they go over well at the auction! I found out a few days ago that Ethan, the guy who used to make a bunch of quiche for this before he graduated, is having his mom make some with his suggestions. Not actually being a member of French club, I didn't know this. But I'm hoping mine will be at least somewhat different than those, in what fillings I used and whatnot, so as not to be completely overshadowed by Ethan's super-famous quiche. XD;; And it doesn't really matter either way...it's all for a good cause. ^^

And I'm totally counting my 3 hours spent baking toward service hours. XD
Current Mood: uncomfortablemy ankle hurts T^T