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It's my birthday~

And my friends and family are awesome and gave me lots of cool stuff. Especially my friends ♥

~Candy and a Best Buy gift card from Sempai
~The Azumanga Daioh box set and the Saiyuki seasons 1 & 2 box set (which I am super-excited about~!) from Ami, Kit, Kai-kun, Caram, Carat, Arielle, and Fumika
~The soundtrack of Naked Boys Singing! (XD) from Hilde
~A Smith shirt from my aunt, who's not-so-subtly recruiting me to go there. >.> It's kind of annoying.
~A sweatshirt from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, where my dad was on Thursday. It's the wrong size, though :/ Also a mini poster of the Beatles, which is cool but I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it.
~A shirt that says "Je danse donc je suis" from Oma and Opa
~A trip to the dance shop for a new leotard
~A cute pink Nalgene XD
~A cookie jar
~A pair of earrings with shiny stars and moons
~Some fudge from my cousin

Oh, and I might be getting a new phone! Because Hilde needs one after she dropped hers in the river, so I'll probably get one too. XD;
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