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Today I went to New York~

I had an interview at Barnard, and then my mom and I had lunch with my old friend Nora, who's a freshman there this year. Afterwards she showed us around the campuses of Barnard and Columbia a little bit. Oh, and we got accosted by a Jewish person trying to make us...more Jewish. XD I guess it was our mistake for wishing him a happy holiday and thus tipping him off to our Jewishness... But we were like, "No, it's ok, we have a lulav and etrog at home!" And he was like, "Well, will you be home before dark?" Like, zomg, we won't shake our lulav before the sun goes down, oh noes. (We didn't mention the fact that we never got around to building our sukkah--that hut thing some of you have seen in past years--at all this year.)

We also ran into a friend of Nora's who said she had a math class later that I could sit in on. Taught by Brain Greene, who is apparently famous, no less. Barnard has a joint math department with Columbia, which seems like it could be an advantage. The class was way over my head--it was about quantum math and half the variables were Greek letters--but I did gather that one thing he did was basically proving the Heisenburg uncertainty principle. Which is pretty crazy.

Um. Ending geek moment now. XD;;

After that my mom and I headed back downtown. We had extra time, so we went shopping. XD My mom bought me some makeup as an early birthday present :D
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