S (yomimashou) wrote,


I got my dad to tell me my schedule so I didn't have to wait till I got home.

Semester 1
1-AP French Language, Kennedy
2-Study Hall
3-UD Math 243, Beckham
4-World Lit, Munson
5-Study Hall
6-Physics, Lightfoot
7-AP Chemistry, Rush

Semester 2
1-AP French Language
2-Java I, Tressler
3-UD Math 302, Beckham
4-World Lit
5-Science Fiction, Clarke
7-AP Chemistry

So yeah, both my study halls ended up in the first semester, but that's ok since that's when I have to do 10000 things, and second semester doesn't really matter.

Now I'll go compare with other people~

Oh, but first: Yesterday I got a fortune cookie that said...

"This suspense is exciting.
I hope it last."


As a whole, it was the worst grammar I've ever experienced in a batch of fortune cookies. XD It was rather amusing.
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