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Otakon ^_^

Otakon was so much fun! We got to watch the ending of Princess Tutu while cosplaying it and go to a cosplay gathering. Being Tutu was really fun. The coolest thing we went to was definitely the Q&A with Maki Murakami, though. It was really awesome!! :D We also went to Artists Alley, which we didn't do last year. There was wayy too much cute stuff there xD I bought a lot of awesome stuff this year in general.

I can't write much more because I have a lot to do to get ready for my hiking trip/family vacation (I leave tomorrow T^T), but pictures are forthcoming on Kit's journal! I'll post links once they're all up.

I'll have nets on and off for the next two weeks until I come back from Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Hopefully by then I'll have read Harry Potter!
Tags: cosplay, otakon
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