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20 July 2007 @ 09:39 am
*stopping to catch my breath*  
I haven't even posted since I got back, and now I'm leaving again! I think I scheduled too much into this summer. I had a great time at Brown, and then I visited Williams College, which was way too amazing for how in the middle of nowhere it was. The math department seemed really great, the dance studio had a panoramic view of mountains, and my tour guide, incedentally, was a Japanese major and co-president of the anime society. XD;; The only thing that scared me was that they said they're really focused on writing, but it's good for me, I need to get better...

Anyway, today I'm going to Ami's and then Kit's to get ready for Otakon, and we leave tomorrow! *excited* Our cosplay's probably not as good as last year's but it's still gonna be a lot of fun! And we get to wear last year's on the second day :D

I get back from that on Sunday, but then on Monday I'm leaving again to go on a hiking trip with my family, which I'm really looking forward to also. That lasts till Saturday, I think, and then we're going to the cottage where I'll have phone/internet again.
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