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Just watched House...

Wilson high=greatest thing ever. Except maybe for the little sqeak he uttered when he was hung over or in withdrawal or whatever, which might have been even better, if briefer. XD

Chase was acting kind of weird though...he thought he was some kind of feelings detective or something, trying to figure out why Foreman was leaving. XD;;

But what was with House hitting on the girl at the end? >.< Kind of ruined the HouseWilson-ness of the episode a little bit. XP Only a little, though. ♥

I forgot to mention that my sister totally predicted the (gross >.<) brain-oozing part. The girl was all, "Augh, my head!" and Hilde was like, "I bet her head's going to explode," somewhat jokingly. And then...it did O_o
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