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14 May 2007 @ 10:01 pm
Driving :D;  
Today I drove the Harokdim carpool for the first time! XD; It doesn't sound like something exciting just to say that, but...well, I guess I sort of feel like the torch is being passed. Or something. Although next year most of the people will be gone (everyone but Mia-chan, and Hilde and me of course), off to college or other places :( But anyway, I was proud of myself. XD;

The performance, on the other hand, didn't go quite so well. XD; We only collectively screwed up one dance, but I think I messed up more than I have in a very long time throughout the performance. But oh well...being sick and missing the rehearsal on thursday probably didn't help XP

Oh, and before that, I was a complete idiot and caused myself to need to be picked up from Kit's house. But of course, when I call my mom, she's like, "Oh, actually, Champ (her horse) is getting his tooth pulled right now, so he's really sedated, and (insert some gory details here), so I can't leave." But of course when I told Harriet the reason I was late for the performance, she didn't believe me XD; "Um, yeah, my mom's horse was drugged...I got stuck in traffic...twice..."

In other news...some random unfamiliar icons have appeared on my desktop. I'll have to look into that sometime when it's not late/I'm not exhausted from a rather stressful day. ;;;
Current Mood: tiredtired