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I just got back from seeing the show Altar Boyz at the Dupont Theater. It was really good :DD

Well, first of all it was just a really good and funny show. The premise is a Catholic boy band, and since I love boy bands and things that make fun of religion, I pretty much knew in advance I would like it. Plus the Jewish jokes from Abraham, the fifth member of the band... XD

But. We have these crazy front-row seats this year, and during one song they apparently always pick one girl from the audience to bring up onstage and sing to. And I got picked! I've never gotten picked for something like that before... It was pretty cool XD They gave me a picture as a souvenier :D

AND... at the end Abraham threw a signed yarmuelke (um yeah I'm a failure I don't know how to spell that) into the audience and I caught it! Yes, I actually caught something that was thrown without warning. XD;;

So overall it was really great. I'll probably be singing weird upbeat pop-ish music for a while now... XD
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