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College visits...

So, now I've visited two schools. I feel like I'm a little more knowledgeable about what I want and what's out there...

On Wednesday I visited Penn. It was pretty good, but the admissions people weren't going out of their way to give a good impression. They seemed kind of egotistical, which is probably to be expected from an Ivy League school.

Thursday I went shopping with Kit at the King of Prussia mall! :D I got two new shirts, and at the Sanrio store I found Hello Kitty gelt (chocolate money). XD

Then Thursday night I went to Bryn Mawr to stay with my friend Naomi, who is awesome and who I share a surprising number of interests with. I got a really good impression of the school from shadowing Naomi and then going to an info session and tour on Friday. It seemed like a really nice place to live.

Now I get to relax and enjoy the little bit of spring break I have left... When I'm not writing my junior research paper, of course.

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