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17 March 2007 @ 12:14 am
I had quite an adventure today. XD But I guess I'll start from the beginning of the day...

Today I went shopping for prom dresses with Kit. There was not much selection at the Concord Mall, so after lunch we moved on to Christiana, by which time it was sleeting rather hard and starting to accumulate. At Christiana we both found dresses. Mine is a pretty simple light blue floor-length dress. I like it a lot :D

Somewhere along the way we found out dance had been cancelled, so I went back to Kit's house. They offered to have me stay the night, since the roads were pretty bad, but my dad decided to come get me after work. Which was fine until we had to get back out of Kit's neighborhood.

After making it out of her driveway (an adventure in itself), we made it almost out of the neighborhood before getting stuck at the exit, and then slipping off the edge of the road backing up. We soon figured out that we were quite stuck, and someone stopped to try to help us. With the random guy at the wheel and my dad and me pushing (since I'm definitely not skilled enough with the stick shift to be behind the wheel), we tried to get out, but only succeeded in getting extremely wet and muddy. So the random guy left and we walked back to Kit's house. With the help of Kit's mom and a snow shovel and some boards, and one other random person who stopped to help, we finally managed to get back on the road and then out of the neighborhood. Once safely on a bigger (plowed) road, my dad and I concluded it had actually been sort of a fun adventure, considering that we had Kit's house nearby in case we were really stuck.

The moral of the story? Don't drive in neighborhoods when there are multiple inches of sleet on the ground. XD;;
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