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Summer plans

Some of you know that my parents were saying that I should go to an educational-type summer program this summer. I didn't think it was gonna happen, but I actually found one that sounds really interesting and (the important part) also fits in with the other stuff I want to do this summer. It's a program at Brown University, and it's for three weeks. And when my mom picks me up afterwards, we can go to visiting day at G-chan's camp, which I'm excited to do. After that, I'll have about a week before Otakon so I can put the finishing touches on my costume and whatnot. :D Then August would probably be going to the cottage and the beach and doing DDC workshops, if the weeks all work out.

The other thing I realized was that, unlike the last few summers, I'll probably have internet access almost everywhere I am this summer! (Ugh, last year's whole month at ACBT with no nets to speak of and only a few square feet of cell phone reception...XP;;) The only major exception will probably be a few days of hiking in the mountains with my family.

Well, this was a pretty pointless update. None of the plans are definite, but I figured some people might want to know what kind of stuff I'm planning for the summer...even though it seems so far away right now.
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