S (yomimashou) wrote,



~~~ Sempai loves snow

Skitz is here too. But her keyboard has been hijacked. ~~ much love~!

"uhmmm... lets see" -- quoteth the skkitz

Today was spiffy. We both failed our language exams. Fille de joie and putas!

the feeling of rusty spoons on my salad fingers is....

Cat! I'm a kitty cat! and i dance dance dance and i dance dance dance

Alright. For real now. We honestly have nothing to talk about. Except snow! I can write a poem about snow

Once there was a man from nantucket
he liked to catch snow in a bucket
the snow wasn't white
so he recoiled in fright
and then he shouted, "oh fuck it!"

Sempai and skitz are the masters of limericks...!

edit~ S-chan here now...eheheh... Please don't be scared by Sempai's nonsense. And random youtube quotes. XD; But it is snowing! Which is awesome. Probably won't stick, but oh well. :D
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