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I got a blood test today. Fun fun. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though... I was really nervous because the last time I had a blood test was when I had lyme disease and it was not a pleasant experience. But the people were nice and it didn't take too long, so now I think my fear of blood tests has been lessened a bit. ^^;

Today was also the first day of midterms... It was pretty awesome to not have to take the gym final (even though Walker pretty much read off half the answers XD;), even if we did humiliate ourselves for two minutes dancing to Dragotea Din Tei. The exam for discrete math wasn't too bad, mostly because I spent the better part of my gym period studying for it. The bonus question was naming capitals of US states, randomly. XD

Well, time to go study for Calc and American Lit. XP (Hm, my best subject and my worst in one day...)
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