February 22nd, 2016

Yuto/Keito: boyfriends

Exchange fic~

Now that reveals are up, I can repost the fic I wrote for je_united! Writing this fic was a challenge, but I'm happy I got the chance to try out something like this~

Title: Sweet Child of Mine
Pairing: Okamoto Keito/Nakajima Yuto
Rating: G
Warnings: Mentions of death of minor characters; OC in the form of a child for the main pair.
Word Count: 2660
Beta: faded_lace
Author's Note: This was written for ryosukekoibito for the je_united exchange! It takes place a couple years from now, in an AU where Yuto and Keito are not in Johnny’s. I made the optimistic assumption that since two wards of Tokyo passed same-sex marriage laws recently, more would follow suit in the next couple years. Thanks to faded_lace for all the help with ideas and the beta, and 9kinds (as well as Keiji Ballerino) for a certain bit of inspiration~
Summary: Keito knew that being a parent wouldn’t be easy.

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