July 11th, 2009

Yabu: kirakira

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:OOO I wish tenimyu actors came to our con!! Look: http://www.japan-expo.com/art-512-fr-invite_:_prince_of_tennis.html

But that notwithstanding... I'm super-excited for Otakon! Even if I did have all sorts of unnecessary stress dreams about it last night... XD;;

Edit: Here's my probably faulty translation of the first two paragraphs of the above link, for people who can't read French:

Japan Expo is happy to accommodate a very popular Japanese musical event: Prince of Tennis! Three actors give a public conference on July 3 and are in dedications at Kana! [I have no idea what this sentence is trying to say, so I copied from my translator, but...I still have no idea what it's trying to say XD;]

The first public presentation of the musical comedy Prince of Tennis took place in the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space in spring 2003. Its concept? Reproduce more closely the enthralling story of the original manga The Prince of Tennis and its rich cast of characters.

...enthralling. XD I love the French.
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