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Since my search for a summer job was not going well, I decided to look for volunteer jobs at the same time, so that 1) My parents don't kill me for sitting around the house all summer, and 2) I can at least have something to put on my resume.

And I found something that seems pretty good! The Food Bank needed "summer volunteer assistants," basically volunteers who come in every day and can help with supervising other volunteers and...basically doing lots of random tasks, from what I can gather. I went over there today to meet them (and to learn that the google maps directions don't work at all) and everyone seemed really nice. I'll be working Monday-Friday from 9 to 3-ish, I think, starting on June 12, so it's a lot of time commitment, but at least I'll still have weekends free. And I know there won't be a problem taking off for Otakon or other long weekends.

Also, suddenly I have one or possibly two tutoring jobs lined up? So I'll have a little bit of pocket money...

In other news, I had a near-death experience today. O__O When I was driving home, it suddenly started raining really hard. It was like last summer after Otakon, I couldn't see anything at all--and I was in the middle of I-95. I turned on the radio so I could hear if there was an accident up ahead or anything, and they were like, "Severe thunderstorm warning!" I started laughing hysterically (which was kind of disturbing), intermittently with saying "holyfuckholyfuckholyfuckholyfuck." It was so scary, I was sure I was going to skid across the highway or someone was going to rear-end me or something. I know I'm exaggerating when I say near-death experience, but. Scary.