May 26th, 2009

Yabu: kirakira

RajiPuri, with subs!

These mini-dramas are hilarious. XD

Oishi leaves Eiji 10 voice mails in a row

Kikumaru Beam has some unexpected effects
Eiji: Kikumaru Beam! ...oops, it hit the girl cheering for Oishi!

Saru, gorilla, chimpanzee~
...this one is wtf XD;;;

Piyo is out to gekokujyou his sempais

Tez can't figure out the name of Eiji's virtual pet
...seriously, Tez? What did you think he'd name it? XD;

Eiji doesn't recognize Oishi's voice, and Oishi worries for his intelligence

Inui stalks Atobe
Uhh...I wonder what Atobe was dreaming about XD;; There are too many highlights in this one to mention them all.

Learn to speak Kansai-ben with Oshitari!
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
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