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26 April 2009 @ 02:25 am
I was home for this weekend (er, to attend Charter prom...because Henry asked me...it was actually a lot of fun XD) and tonight we went to a family friend's house to celebrate my dad's birthday and the birthdays of two of my parents' friends.

One person there was my mom's friend Cosimo, who's going to be in the Avatar movie. He's playing one of the firebenders, and we got to hear a little bit about the filming they're doing in Philadelphia.

I don't really know anything about Avatar, but...Collapse )


There was also a very interesting debate about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict between two of my mom's Israeli friends, but I really can't re-create the scene of Israelis yelling at each other in an lj post. XD;;; But I have new respect for one of them, who lived a good portion of her life in Israel and yet very clearly questioned whether a Jewish state should even exist.


And I was told about the fucking weirdest series of videos ever: Green Porno. They're short videos about various bugs' mating habits. Really weird and really hilarious.
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