January 17th, 2009

Yabu: kirakira

Obama in Wilmington

Today I saw Barack Obama speak. In person.

He was really far away...but it was still really, really cool.

The whole thing was pretty amazing. When we got down to the riverfront, we actually had a really easy time parking (because we decided to park kind of far away) and getting through security and everything. We found a spot to stand, pretty far from the podium but not obscenely far, and then stood around for probably an hour until anything happened. It was fucking cold out, but I had hand and foot warmers and the sun was shining and there was a whole lot of body heat, so it really wasn't bad.

I mostly cared about three of the various speakers, the first being Jack Markell. He gave a really nice speech about Thomas Garrett and Harriet Tubman (since we were in/next to Tubman-Garrett Park). I kind of had a "this person who I actually know is giving a speech at an Obama rally oh my god" moment. XD The next was Joe Biden, who talked about riding the Amtrak and how Delaware will always be in his heart and other cheesy stuff... XD; Actually, I liked it a lot at the time, but it sounds really cheesy in hindsight.

Then there was Obama, of course. He talked about how Delaware is so awesome and full of nice people like Joe Biden. I'm serious XD And however much we all complain about Delaware, it is REALLY fun to have our state recognized once in a while!

Everyone around us in the crowd was really nice, too. We were all just excited to see Obama, even if we had to stand on tiptoe. There was one crazy girl a little ways behind us who climbed way up in a tree and started yelling "I love you, Mr. Obama!" and flailing around...the people next to us said they were going to put her on YouTube. XD;;