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05 November 2008 @ 05:10 pm
"America can change. Our union can be perfected."

Hopefully that means that soon America will get over its disgusting amount of homophobia, and Prop 8 and all the other similar laws will be overturned. :/

Besides that, though, last night was SO AMAZING. There was just an unbelievable number of people in Times Square, the vast majority clapping and screaming every time Obama won another state. I came back early, and the winner must have been announced while I was on the subway, because everyone was screaming when I came out. XD They pretty much didn't stop all night...

And I'm so excited that the next vice president is from our very own Delaware!! I ♥ Joe Biden.

And Markell 2016, right? The first Jewish Delawarean president! XD Just kidding. But I'm very happy that he's our next governor~

The only thing that would make this day better (beyond Prop 8 not passing, of course) is if I were going to the Girlyman concert. I mean, seeing them TODAY of all days would be a once in a lifetime experience. ;_;
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