October 26th, 2008

Yabu: kirakira


1. Name 15 of your LJ Friends.
2. Then put your music playlist on shuffle.
3. Each random song is dedicated to one of your Friends. (Ex; First song for first friend on list)
4. Ready? GO!!!

Since I'm without my computer, I'm listening to my iPod on shuffle to do this. XD; And if I do my homework at the same time, I won't feel like I'm procrastinating quite so much...

9kinds Tokuyama Hidenori//FOR REAL
a_blue_orange Keane//Atlantic
chiachiaamichan Saeki Koujirou//Sunset Way [Haha, TeniPuri music and totally not on purpose.]
faded_lace Blue October//Congratulations
ironprominent Girlyman//Joyful Sign (live)
oh_i_know22 Modest Mouse//Missed the Boat
olorwen Girlyman//wrong song [Not actually a song, but a talking track recorded at the concert that I was at last year :D]
omniomphalos Cascada//Bad Boy
redkittychan Linkin Park//Somewhere I Belong
redramification Modest Mouse//Float On
sotty_chan Hellogoodbye//All of Your Love
ssempai Girlyman//Hey Rose (live)
storm_of_62 RENT//Seasons of Love
sweetinsanity90 Idan Raichel//Ein Li Terutzim [Oh hey, Hebrew. XD Don't know what it means, though...]
vink_sama Aselin Debison//Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

...three songs from the same album, wtf. XD;
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