October 9th, 2008

Yabu: kirakira

B'shana, b'shana haba'a...

This week has been very eventful. XD

On Saturday, a bunch of people on my floor took the train up to Ketonah to go APPLE PICKING! We were like, "Woah...nature still exists..." XD It was a lot of fun.

Then on Sunday, I totally saw They Might Be Giants. 8D So what if it was just me stalking a children's concert that was going on on Columbia's lawn... I felt like a bit of a pedo. But it was quite entertaining, and they played a couple of their non-kids songs. I took some stalker-y pictures, if anyone's interested.

And then Monday was my birthday! My hall-mates threw me a surprise party~ My roommate was super un-stealthy, though. She was all like, "Don't make plans for Monday at 6:30..." XD;;

And...now I'm at home! I look the train down yesterday after my classes ended. (It was a half hour late, though, so then we missed Kol Nidre services, but oh well.) Today was Yom Kippur, and tomorrow I'm just going to hang out in good old Wilmington. XD; My plan is to take the train back up Saturday morning.
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