August 12th, 2008

Yabu: kirakira

Otakon pictures~!

faded_lace posted a bunch of the pictures that chiachiaamichan and redkittychan took at Otakon! You three are all awesome!

So I now present you with fake cuts...

First, Miranda's con report with some of the pictures we took of other people:
( To the... Baltimore Inner Harbour! )

On Saturday we cosplayed Ouran in our epic-ly large 10-person group, so we went to the Ouran gathering and took lot of pictures there:
( Tobira wo akeru to soko wa )
If you scroll down to the bottom, there's a list of who everyone was ^_^

And that night we had our own Ouran shoot:
( Welcome to the Host Club! )

Then on Sunday, we had our Saiyuki shoot, in scenic Ami's backyard:
( Did he just call us aunts? )
Again, you can scroll down for a list of who's who~

I hope you enjoy! The Saiyuki post is my personal favorite...
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