July 28th, 2008

Yabu: kirakira

Cosplay progress

My to-do list of costume pieces I'm responsible for, sorted by character. Strike-out means I've already made/found/purchased whatever it is. :D;

-Arm things
-Shoe covers
-Pants (I'm almost done them)
-Belt (done except for the buckle)
-Hair tie
-Face paint
-Pantyhose and base makeup

-Wigs (we cut them, but they still need some styling goop or something)
-Shirt (I most likely have one, but Ami, are you providing one?)
-Pants (again, Ami, did you say you had some for me?)


-Boots (I need to pass them along to Miranda so they can be dyed)

-Pants (I'm not actually responsible for that after all XD)
-Boots (Elaine just has to try them on)
-Check all the old pieces to make sure they're still in one piece
-Revamp the shoulder things

Various Saiyuki
-bubblegum cigarettes

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