June 24th, 2008

Yabu: kirakira


Today was a little bit frustrating.

My dad decided he didn't want the iPod touch after all. So then I said that I should have just gotten a new nano in the first place free with my computer, like I've been wanting. I called the Apple store and the person on the phone told me I could exchange it no problem, I just needed to bring the receipt from when I bought the computer. However, when we got to the store it turned out that wasn't true. We were told by at least three people that you can't return anything you've filled out a rebate for, no ifs, ands, or buts. (The ipod and printer were free with the computer AFTER a rebate.) So...that sucked.

But in the end we decided to just buy the nano and then try to sell the touch. So! If anyone is interested in buying a brand new, unopened 8G ipod touch, definitely let me know! I'm even willing to sell it for just $200, because that's what the nano cost. (The touch is worth $300.) If no one that we know wants it, my dad will sell it on Craig's List.

On the bright side, though, now I have a new green ipod nano that actually fits all the music I want it to~ And it will essentially still be free, once we sell the touch... XD;
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