April 7th, 2007

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College visits...

So, now I've visited two schools. I feel like I'm a little more knowledgeable about what I want and what's out there...

On Wednesday I visited Penn. It was pretty good, but the admissions people weren't going out of their way to give a good impression. They seemed kind of egotistical, which is probably to be expected from an Ivy League school.

Thursday I went shopping with Kit at the King of Prussia mall! :D I got two new shirts, and at the Sanrio store I found Hello Kitty gelt (chocolate money). XD

Then Thursday night I went to Bryn Mawr to stay with my friend Naomi, who is awesome and who I share a surprising number of interests with. I got a really good impression of the school from shadowing Naomi and then going to an info session and tour on Friday. It seemed like a really nice place to live.

Now I get to relax and enjoy the little bit of spring break I have left... When I'm not writing my junior research paper, of course.
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Yabu: kirakira

Meme from i_llbthere4u

1. Put iPod on random
2. Find song lyrics for the first few lines of the first 12 (English) songs.
3. Go to Google translation and translate the lyrics from English into German.
4. Take the new German lyrics and translate them into French.
5. Take the new French lyrics and translate them into English.
6. Post the NEW English lyrics and have people guess the original song.

1. With high receipt the Statue me, a Statue received high me, the monument of the skilful granite a luminous ray in my eye.

2. Come it is necessary to dance each one all on the country, come on each one time.

3. Glass of milk, means upright extintion in the growth of radiation cold and explosive.

4. Your rise and case which counters the wall support it are, walk what, is attending you turning over and.

5. I try to declare you that something on my life, seen between a white perhaps giving me.

6. I am tuggin with my hair, me am pullin with my clothing, me am that tryin to hold my expenses, me know that it represents.

7. Once in each life, the love should leave you without a choice.

8. Your Reime which goes more at my head, received maintenance your überschallschläge which mixes my Keds.

9. On re-examining girl, because I am alone, on re-examining girl, her, on re-examining girls to him not rüber, because it is only one love.

10. In a thing one not is not interested today, I used too much, but I returned in top.

11. Precisely if they are astonished, they do not have us terribly feststeckten, them believe that our love, 'the cause which they cannot, loves true believes is true.

12. One day the mother and myself dies receives the money.

I'm putting the answers because it's impossible to guess and also amusing.

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