October 16th, 2006

Yabu: kirakira

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I guess I should be writing some sort of vague, Kai-kun-esque journal entry about now...but I don't really know what to write.

I haven't cried yet...come close a few times, though...

And, well, I can't really stop myself from feeling a little angry...a little betrayed...

A little regretful, though I'm not quite sure what of...

Most of all, though, my brain keeps circling back to its usual directions, before I realize what's happening...and that's the most depressing part of all.

(I just had a flashback to a xanga post I made a long time ago which said "It's really over" or something along those lines...but I can't remember what I was referring to then. Weird.)

Oh, now I feel bad...I know this entry will make someone feel guilty, and a minute ago that was perfectly fine with me. But...please try not to feel too guilty. And I'll try not to feel too depressed.
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