September 3rd, 2006

Yabu: kirakira


I just watched My Neighbor Totoro. :D It was definitely one of the cutest movies I've ever seen. And I love the sound the door of the cat bus makes. xD Actually, I love most everything about the cat bus...

I also saw Little Miss Sunshine this afternoon, which is a movie I hadn't heard anything about but was really good. It's about a rather dysfunctional family that incudes a father who's obsessed with winning, a brother who took a vow of silence, and grandfather who's on drugs, a gay depressed uncle. They all set out on a trip to California so little sis can enter a beauty contest. Much bad luck ensues.

And that's about it. Tomorrow I have to bake some cookies for a neighbor (since I figured the summer's not really over till after labor day), and then bleh, school starts for real on tuesday......

You know, it would be really cool to have a totoro mood theme.
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